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Order NOW to receive your Shout-Out by March 10.

Thank you for supporting Sister Shout-Outs as a fun way to promulgate joy safely.

You tell us what to say and we will do it in our usual glorious way!

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Each individual Sister Shout-Out is $20.00.

To support the RRSPI Grants fund, please complete the following form


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Choose from one of these Sisters
Sr Sparkle
Sr Tooty
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Sr Sorenda
Sr Yoda
Sr Yanita
Sr Sara
Once the Sister Shout-Out is made, it will be sent to you via email for you to give to the recipient. 
Sister Shout-Outs will be made by your selected Sister / Guard once a month.
If there are time considerations, please let us know.
If you have any question please email
Please, complete a separate form for each Sister Shout-Out.
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