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Who Are the Nuns of The Above?


To The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Nuns of the Above are members of the Sisterhood who have passed on to the afterlife.

They are our ancestors, our elders, our trailblazers. They are Sisters who have walked the journey before us, living and loving, laughing playfully and fighting fiercely. They are physically gone now but they will never be forgotten. In our hearts they are with us still, walking beside us and guiding us as we stumble through our own journeys.


Some Nuns of the Above are fellow Russian River Sisters. Men and women whom we have known and worked beside, loved and lost. We think of them often and we miss them dearly. There are times when we are at a loss in how to proceed with an issue, but the answers come when they are needed. We see their faces, we hear their voices and we feel their presence as they come to our hearts and minds to give us guidance… whether it be a memory, a thought or a gentle nudge in a certain direction.

There are also Nuns of the Above who are Nuns of Legend, founders of The International Sisterhood. In the early years they built the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  into a viable organization. They worked with passionate hearts to prepare a foundation for us to follow. They laid a groundwork for us, a model for future ministries to be built upon. Through their work the Sisterhood was expanded and spread around the world. By keeping all of their collective memories alive we continually learn from their examples, examples good and bad, hilarious and heartbreaking, but still rich in lessons to be learned. The retelling of their stories become lessons of life for those willing to listen. Lessons of lives once lived, of ravaged bodies soothed, of broken hearts mended and of fractured communities united.

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Previous Scholarship Recipients

2010 Winners: JP Dowling; Savannah Warner; Megan Miguel; Elizabeth Jenkins

2011 Winners: Kelsey Albergi; Aren Vierra; Kathleen Grenham; Josiah Barros

2012 Winners: DawnMichele Tucker; Alicia Sapienza; Augustus Leveque-Eichhorn; John Carlson

2013 Winners: Kalii Rodenbaugh; Madeleine Newman; Isabella Ruiz; Vilte Bacinskaite 

2014 Winners: Eli Warner, Carolyn Davison, Kayla Jones, Dawnmichelle Tucker, Amanda Etain

2015 Winners: Brent Rivera, Emily Eakins, Clara Jean Maddison, Cera Stinson, Vivian Dao

2016 Winners: Kayla Holdren, Austin Sani, Opal LeFay, Samuel MacDonell, Francine Waxman, Steve Wooding, Connie Duncan

2017 Winners: Tess Caldwell, Jaiyda Storms, Alandra Gomez, Elizabeth Quiroz, Jan Norton, Gabby Bushgen, Forest Murnane

2018 Winners: Ariel Scholten, Missy Pendleton, Lily Frischmuth Krauss, Caycie Hyde, Kody Hamlow-Sawyer, Maria Muniz

2019 Winners: Cheyanne Van Wicklen, Daisey Torres, Gracie Mae Felciano, Holly Stoufer.

2020 Winners: Anahl Ruiz, Ruby McIntyre, Kelcie Reimann, Jonah Bennis

2021 Winners: Xitlalic Vital, Michael Hall, Kali Holdren, Charlie Hall

2022 Winners:  Bryan Hernandez, McKenna Kindle, Duane Cramphorn, Charles Law, Valerie Mendoza

2023 Winners:  Jackson Zapp, Adan Beltran, Marin Broadbent-Bell, Sala des Rosiers, Alessandra Gomez

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