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About the Sisters as a Charitable Organization


The Russian River Sisters are a 21st Century Order of nuns. Our mission is to spread joy and goodwill through community events, charitable acts and fundraising, with focus on the special needs of the Russian River area (West County). Our primary goal is to make the Russian River area an even better place to live. We are a 100% volunteer run organization recognized as a California 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.


The Russian River Sisters organize and assist at many functions throughout the year to raise funds that

go into our Grant Fund. The monies from this fund are then made available in grant form to local,

under-funded charitable groups and civic-minded organizations, such as small grass roots organizations

that receive little, if any, government or mainstream funding. We are especially attracted to progressive projects that promote wellness, identity, tolerance and diversity within communities in the Russian River Area.

About the Sisters' Grants Fund

The Russian River Sisters’ Grant Fund is managed by a committee of Sisters. Grant funding requests are accepted only via the application form on our website.  Grant Fund applications are reviewed and evaluated by the Grants Committee. In evaluating an application, we consider the nature of the request and how relevant it is to the needs of our local community.  We do not approve grant requests for salaries, honorariums, personal or travel expenses.  We also do not approve requests from organizations outside of our sphere of influence.


In the decision process we look at how the applicant’s usage of the funds granted would serve the Russian River Community. Show us what you have in mind!  You may also include pictures, diagrams or other supportive documents to help us understand your ideas.



Please note that we receive many requests and there are no guarantees your application will be approved.

Donate to the Sisters' Grants Fund

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