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Sister Wilma Titzgro

Wilma Titzgro

Discovered in the men's room of the Saddle, in Des Moines, Iowa, Sister Sister Wilma Titzgro was invited into the Missionary Order of Perpetual Indulgence by its perennial Reverend Mother General, Sister Clara Cum Passionata. Sister Clara became Wilma's mother and taught her the ways of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; and by 1999, accepted her as a fully professed sister in the Missionary Order of Perpetual Indulgence.

Wilma's flair for street theater and her desire to spread goodness in her community drew her into the global community of Sisters, ultimately leading her to the Russian River - a place where she truly believed herself to have found 'home'.

Sister Wilma possesses a great love for camp, music, singing, eccentricities, booger drag and slapstick humor.  Wilma also loves living out her dreams of being an itinerant Karaoke lounge performer.  You may find her singing from time to time in local venues - or maybe just quietly picking her nose in a dark corner.

She adores her Grandmother, Mish, her mama, Sister Clara Cumpassionata, and her daughter Sister Bette Sheezahee -all of whom are constantly inspirations.

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