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Sister Tooty Too Too Sweet

Tooty Too Too Sweet

What is your sister name?

Sister Tooty Too Too Sweet

Date you joined the order?

Aspired – December 17, 2018

Elevated to Postulant – March 18, 2018

Elevated to Novice Sister – July 15, 2018

Elevated to Fully Professed Member - October 20, 2019

Date of Birth?

November 21, 1967


San Francisco

When did you discover your calling?

A dear friend of mine was Sister Luscious Lashes in the San Francisco House. She was instrumental in coming out as a queer young man.

She taught me core values, to embrace myself as who I am and with equal openness - outreach to, embrace, elevate and support others and to always uphold dignity in myself and transpose it to others. After her passing, I have often reflected on her impact on my life and how I uphold her teachings. I have done so in my calling as a teacher, in the volunteer work I have done and am committed to, my relationships with family and friends, my daily interactions with people, my politics, and now in my journey in the Sisterhood she is my guiding Angel.

Big Sisters and Mother in the order?

They say it takes a village and it does to be a Sister. I look upon each Sister, Father, and Guard with awe and inspiration. They have all guided me, provided insight and bestowed their knowledge on me.

In keeping with my high intensity and needs, I have four Big Sisters –

Sister Beatrix Uppersleeve

Sister Peghan Ritual

Sister Scarlet Billows

Sister Sorenda ‘da Booty

They are so truly special in my process and journey.

My Mother is Sister Sorenda ‘da Booty and does she have her hands full. I am not an easy Daughter. As she tells me, “That is not how it works!” Maybe, one day I will figure out how it does work. For now, I have much to learn and experience.

Religious beliefs?

I was not raised with any faith nor do I ascribe to any. I enjoy learning of the richness and culture of the array of faiths. I believe in coexistence and I live by the Golden Rule.

Goals and aspirations?

I want to forever uphold the values and dignity of the Sisters and their Sistory. I take the vows very seriously and try to impart them though all my interactions with others and as I navigate my life.

Promulgating joy in truth brings greater joy than one can imagine.

Rules that I live by . . .

The Golden Rule

Quotes . . .

The best communities are curated with thought, consideration, and care for those who are in it.

Drag Queen Pearl Harbor

Glamour is resistance.

Justin Vivian Bond

My worth is part of my intrinsic being. My power could not be stolen from me.

From The Girl Who Smiled Beads

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