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Sister Bette Sheezahe

Bette Sheezahe

What is your full Sister Name:

Sister Bette Sheezahee and Bet He Still Plays with Lego

Other Aliases: Guard Lou Betcha

Parents: Sister Wilma Titzgro and Father Bertha De Zoot

Big Sisters: Sister Scarlet Billows and Sister Candy D’Apples

Positions in Order: Mistress of the Ink/Secretary, Board Member, and Chairnun of the Pencil and Paper Project

Major projects: Founded the art classes that happened in the summer 2018

Date of birth: 24 May

Hometown: Northern Minnesota

Aspired to the Russian River Sisters: February 2017

Date of becoming a Fully Professed Member: 18 August 2018

Favorite Color: Red

Backstory: I was an extra in the movie Shrek and lived off the royalties for many years. When I moved to Guerneville to pursue my goals of becoming a little person impersonator, I was disappointed to find no work in that arena. Also, I might have been too tall. On a fateful Saturday night in November of 2016, I ended up at one of the famous Russian River Sisters bingo games, where I found a family who needed me. However, I was so much of a handful that Sister Wilma Titzgro was not enough parent for me; I needed to recruit Father Bertha De Zoot, too. Current Occupation: Professional karaoke singer, in semi-retirement

Beliefs: Do what is right by doing what benefits everyone

My Calling: I grew up without means. I would like the community to have the opportunities I missed growing up

My Goal: Spread joy and free people from the guilt of others’ expectations

Rules by which I live: It doesn’t matter who you were when you fell down, but it really matters who you are when you get back up

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