Novice Sister Eliza Mench

Eliza Mench

What is your sister name?

Novice Sister Eliza Mensch

Date you joined the order?

Aspired – January 24st, 2018

Elevated to Postulant – June 27th, 2018

Elevated to Novice Sister – December 9th, 2018

Date of Birth?

February 7th, 1991


Bardonia NY

When did you discover your calling?

I first heard about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in 2009 from my sister’s landlord Sister Porn Again, a San Francisco nun. In her house, which was one of the most beautiful houses I had seen up to that point, there was a huge portrait of her fully manifested. That picture showed me the possibilities of freedom out in California.

It was the same trip that I visited Guerneville for the first time and learned from the Center for Sacred Studies that there was a bingo happening down the street. I was still young at that point and didn’t feel like I was “cool” enough to be involved in such a prestigious group. I felt very lost as a gay man in the queer world. I truly believed that because I was not the skinny beautiful guy that I was not allowed to be in the gay world. It wasn’t until my move out to California that I discovered the possibilities out here.

I moved out to California in January of 2017. The first year or so I was here I had a hard time getting my feet on the ground. I was swept up by the rush of being free and was on a path of confusion and uncertainty. My stability came in waves but meeting Sister Sara Femme for the first time showed me a little taste of who I could truly become in this world. It wasn’t until a fateful mistake of not stopping at a stop sign that my higher power brought me to my ministry and the Russian River Sisters and the beautiful community we serve.

Eliza came to me over the last few months. Going from a sassy squatch to a do goode ending up a mensch. My time in this Order has shown me a side of myself that has yet to be expressed fully.

Big Sisters and Sponsor in the order?

My big sisters are Sister Sorenda ‘da Booty, Sister Ginger Snap Jizo, and Sister Frances A. Sissy.

My father is Guard Ian Avirtue.

Each of these amazing people have a special place in my heart and I feel truly honored to follow in their footsteps.

Religious beliefs?

I am a Jewish man. I live by the principles but not all of the rules.

Goals and aspirations?

I want to forever uphold the values and dignity of the Sisters and their Sistory. I take the vows very seriously and try to impart them though all my interactions with others and as I navigate my life.

Promulgating joy in truth brings greater joy than one can imagine.

Rules that I live by . . .

Live for today and this moment because you never know what might happen in the future.

Quotes . . .

“Today you are you that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer then you.”

Doctor Seuss.

“You will never find a rainbow if your looking down”

Charlie Chaplin