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Sister Bertha Sinn

Bertha Sinn

What is your full Sister name?

Sister Bertha Sinn

Date you joined the order?

Became a Novice: April 2010

Elevated to Fully Professed: October 2011

Transferred to RRSPI: May 2024

Date of birth?

October 12

Home town?

Denton, TX (Dallas)

When did you discover your calling and why did you join?

I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for various people coming into my life at random moments and stepping in to save me from myself. After many years of therapy and hard work I’ve been able to move past many of those self-destructive tendencies. I’ve always had a drive to help people who are struggling and to be that little bit of light in someone’s darkest moments. I first met Sisters at Pride in San Francisco in the mid-90’s. I was immediately drawn to the fabulosity and drama of it all, but at that time there were very few orders. By 2010 the stars aligned that

would allow me to combine both my desire to help lost souls and to do it with a little bit of flairand a lot of glitter.

Big Sisters/Mother in the order?

As a founder of The DFW Sisters in Dallas, TX the path was a little different. We had to look beyond our local group to find that mentorship. I reached out Sister Sparkle Plenty because I was drawn to her light and her heart. She had given me some wonderful guidance in the early days of setting up the house in Dallas so she was an obvious choice. Little did I know that almost 15 years later we would be joining Russian River. When we transferred into the house, my

Sponsor/Mother was Sister Sorenda. I’m fortunate to have two wonderful mothers!

Religious beliefs (if any)?

I have thoughts about different spiritual paths, but nothing tied to any specific doctrine. I’m a hardcore Agnostic. I believe there’s no way of knowing so I don’t really concern myself with it. I simply live by the Golden Rule - it seems to cover most, if not all situations.

Goals and aspirations?

It’s pretty simple - to be a source of support and love for those that need it.

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