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Sister Eve Angelica

Eve Angelica

What is your full Sister name?

Sister Eve Angelica – The Bionic Nun

Date you joined the order?

Became a Novice: April 2010

Elevated to Fully Professed: October 2011

Transferred to RRSPI: May 2024

Date of birth?

September 21, 1965

Home town?

Hastings, NE

When did you discover your calling?

Many years ago, I was visiting San Francisco and while walking down the street heading to a bar with friends, there were all these fabulous people in white face on the corner chatting up with the community. They were having such a wonderful time. I remember at that time it filled me with so much joy. They fascinated me. Few years later while in Grad School, my boyfriend had a friend from San Francisco visit and that’s when I learned about the Nun’s in white face as he was a Sister. I wish I could remember their name. Fast forward to 2010 we heard rumblings while

living in Dallas about a group wanting to form a house. We were invited to a meeting and the rest is history. We became the founders of the DFW Sisters in Dallas Texas.

Big Sisters/Mother in the order?

Being a founding member of a house, I never had the opportunity to have a Big Sister or Mother although in my heart I could name a few who inspired me and helped guide me along the way.Since joining the Russian River Sisters, I can proudly say that my Mother is Sister Kara Z’Matick.

Why did you join?

I found out that I was HIV positive in the early 90’s and spent those years losing friends, trying to deal with my own status and wanting to give back somehow. I knew that how I was giving back whether my time or money was helping, I felt something was missing. I was blessed with good insurance and an amazing network of friends and family to help me all those years. But I know that so many others did not. The Sisters gave me the opportunity to feel finally that I was making a difference in my community.

Religious beliefs (if any)?

I consider myself to be a spiritual.

Goals and aspirations?

I hope that whomever I encounter, I put a smile on their face and brightened up their day. I hope that the hug I gave them, meant something. I want to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community where we now live, shining a spotlight on those who are in need and in turn try to raise funds or to help in any way we can. To offer up my time in any way that I can to whomever is in need.

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